Acadian Counseling Center

After the surgery: New beginnings

Have you been through a weight loss surgery or procedure: lap band, gastric bypass, a sleeve, or liposuction? Have you been looking for a supportive therapy group to help challenge, support, and encourage you on your journey after your weight-loss surgery procedure? If so, then look no further! Group members will be able to share their experiences, progress, fitness choices, and healthy eating strategies, as well as their concerns, obstacles, and challenges to implementing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Don't stop now... join our group and improve the quality of your life! Healthy lifestyles are THE WAY TO GO!

This is a seasonal group and is open to anyone 18 years and over. Call 337-504-4974 to sign up or for more information.


Stressed? Overwhelmed? Lots of homework, extracurricular activities, chores, and social media are just a few issues teens have to face.  Have you ever told your teen, “Focus, you just need to focus!” If so mindfulness therapy is used to help individuals pay attention and be in the present, it also calms the mind, and helps concentration so that they can become more aware of their surroundings.  This class involves using meditation, and will teach mindfulness techniques. 

This is a seasonal group; please call 337-504-4974 to sign up or for more information.

Men Grieve, Too.

Have you lost a wife, child, sibling, parent, or friend to death? Do you find yourself struggling to accept the death; to make peace with the loss? Is your grief interfering with your life: your cognitive function, daily duties, work, relationships? Or, maybe your feelings associated with this grief are just down-right uncomfortable! You aren't alone. Join us as we support each other through common grounds, learn coping skills, and become educated on grief, in a safe and private environment.

This group is open to adult men who have experienced grief due to the death of a loved one. 10 meetings will be held bi-monthly. This is a seasonal group; please call 337-504-4974 to sign up or for more information.

Counseling for Adolescents, Adults, Couples and Families

Why won’t they listen to me?!?!

Feeling frustrated with a lack of communication at home? Do you feel like you are talking to a wall, trying to communicate with your partner or children? This psychoeducational group for men will help to educate you on more effective communication skills. Topics will include barriers to communication, communicating with partners, communicating with children, how to more effectively speak with teenagers, as well as exploring your personal communication style. This relationship changing group is open to men 18 years and older.  

This is a seasonal group; Please call 337-504-4974 to sign up or for more information.