New Client Forms:

Thank you for choosing Acadian Counseling Center! We are 100% virtual and paperless when it comes to new client paperwork for our intake process! All of our paperwork will be sent to you in matter of minutes after booking your first appointment. Paperwork can be completed using any mobile or electronic device that you can access with an internet connection.

Once you receive the email and enter the portal with the link provided in the email. From there, you will use your full email address as your username; you will then be prompted to create your own password after using the four digit code provided to you within the main email. The process is extremely user friendly. You will electronically sign and agree to our policies and procedures by simply clicking "Agree". We include a standard intake questionnaire that should be filled out to the best of your ability. For minors, parents will receive a Caregivers Concerns Intake-please fill this out from the parental point-of-view. For couples counseling clients both partners will receive separate intakes that should be filled out individually. Lastly, we ask that you upload a credit, debit or HSA card into the portal. We require a card on file for everyone, regardless of coverage and benefits.

The paperwork contains information regarding our policies, clients and their rights, informed consent to participate in counseling services, cancellation policies, Declarations of Practices and Procedures, and detailed descriptions of operation and responsibilities regarding our private practice.

​If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at (337) 504-4974.

Acadian Counseling Center

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